Diving Right In

I’m finally doing it. I decided to start a blog, and I’m going to dive straight in. Often times I’ll be in the car, on Facebook, or talking to my husband and think to myself, I need to write all of this down and share it. People need to know this! Not that my thoughts are any more important than the next person, but even if only one other person reads this, I’ll be thrilled!

I chose today to start my blog after reading another blog this afternoon that sucked me right in. The words came to life. The author was so careful with her word selection, and really captured the reader’s attention, painting a vivid picture. But it wasn’t just how she wrote, it was the content of her writing. Something that mattered. Something that every human on this planet feels at one point or another; LOVE. That’s right, another blog about love. The author started with a personal love story and then went on to share the science behind love and why we feel the way we do when we’re in love. It really is an interesting subject when it’s not being thrown around loosely in a Cosmo magazine.

I love God, my husband, my son, and truth. What do you love? Don’t think too hard about that question. What are the first few things that pop in your head? There are a lot of people, places and things to love in this world, but what really, truly matters to you?

God. I love God. He loves us even when we’re so undeserving. He’s created a paradise for us when we die. He answers prayers. But I especially love God because He made the ultimate sacrifice by sending his only son to die for us! One of my favorite quotes is “If you have Faith you have hope, and if you have hope you have everything.”

My husband. I love my husband. Matt knew he would marry me some day on the day we met. In fact he actually said “I’m going to marry you one day.” I love that he knew. When life threw us a lot of new (intimidating) adventures all in the first year of being together, Matt was my rock. When I threw cheesecake at the wall and screamed jibber-jabber when I was engulfed in pregnancy hormones, he smiled at me letting me know I was already forgiven. He saw me lose it when our colicky newborn kept us up on a hot August night with no AC in our tiny condo, and instead of losing it with me, he held it together for the both of us. He even still cuddles with me with no complaints, even when I’m trying out a new natural deodorant that totally does not diminish the stink. The point is, he deals with me, and loves me despite all the not so lovable traits or actions that slip out.

My son. I love my son. Roen is 17 months of pure joy. He is the happiest little dude you’ll ever meet and he makes me laugh more than anyone else ever could! He has the cutest little voice and picks up on everything we say and do. He is the best thing that has ever happened to Matt and I. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this parenting thing out, you should!

Truth. I love truth. Lately I’ve been battling with a lot of mixed emotions as a result of exposing the truth on Facebook. I spend more time than I should getting into debates with strangers, and sometimes my passion clouds my good judgement. I so badly want to help others who are being conformed into doing what they’re told without gaining unbiased knowledge on the issue. I mainly dabble in exposing the reality of what vaccines and GMOs are doing to our bodies, but often times I share the dangers of many mainstream products containing potential carcinogens and other toxins like deodorants and baby wash. It is a rabbit hole once you start learning what most doctors won’t tell you, but it is so worth it. I am a firm believer that nature plays a bigger role in maintaining our health than pharmaceuticals ever could. In our family, we use essential oils, colloidal silver, and elderberry syrup when we’re sick, and only buy organic and/or non GMO foods to fill the kitchen. I am a label reader, and if you care about your health, you should be to!

So there you have it. You now know what I love, and that’s what I plan on writing in these posts. I stressed on starting a blog because I felt like there were a lot of unstated rules. However, I’m not starting this blog to gain attention, get free stuff, or any other materialistic reason other than I want to share my life, interests, and thoughts. So that’s what I plan to do, and as a Scorpions member in the movie Grease once said, “The rules are there are no rules!”


6 Replies to “Diving Right In”

  1. I rate your “dive” a 9.87, because nobody is perfect and I don’t give 10’s! ; ) Wow, Lil Sister, you are so very grown up and quite mature for your young age. I am very impressed by what I read. Not only the concept, but the layout, grammar, punctuation and format ( I was an English major, ya know!) Anyway, we are SO related in ways that I never realized. The more I read, see and hear, the more I go, “Woah!”, that’s how I would of said or done it! Very, cool! I especially like how you state, that you have no ulterior motives for the blog. I feel the same way about alot of things. Especially my FB posts. Don’t post things to get attention, comments or likes. Just want people to smile, laugh, think and maybe go, “Hmmm” every once in a while. Anyway, “The Dive” ( your blog)…….. I think you should continue, I support it, I support you! I Love it, I Love You……. MTYEK!!!! – Your 3B (Bigger, Badder, Brother)


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