2 Valentines

Roen Bradley Napier, 6 kisses for 6 months of life. Valentine’s Day 2015IMG_0329A year & a half. That’s how old my baby boy will be on Valentine’s Day this Sunday! Where did the time go?! Last Valentine’s day, Roen had just started eating solids and saying “mama.” A year later and he’s starting to say sentences and beginning to run. I can’t take this kid anywhere without him staring at pretty girls and saying “hi” to everyone who passes. He is so friendly, so happy! I wish I could see the world through his eyes. All the new experiences he has daily, no adulting. Oh to be a kid again.

I started an email for Ro a few months back and have been doing my best to send him love notes, memories, and photos that he can open when he’s eighteen. I’ve been slacking on taking pictures, but I swear it’s because he won’t sit still other than when he’s watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in his Pjs with breakfast smeared across his cute little face. I’m also trying to get better at taking videos longer than the Snapchat’s 10 second ones I usually take. Does anyone use a video camera anymore? Trying to convert all of the short videos I have of Roen is a daunting task that I am so not looking forward to. If anyone wants to offer their expertise, I will cook you the awesome chicken tortilla soup I made for dinner tonight. 😉 My mom was always good at taking home videos, and I treasure them as an adult, especially the videos with my dad.

The four of us, Matt, Roen, our dog Watson, and I, are all settled into our new home and enjoying living in a neighborhood where we can take Roen on long walks again. Our last house was off a very windy road, and with so many people texting and driving, going on walks past our street was not worth the risk. There’s an awesome park we can walk to from our new home in about five minutes, and Roen and I both made a new friend there today! I always longed for other mommy friends, but it is so not what I pictured. It’s really been a challenge for me to find reliable mom friends. When Matt and I talked about having a Superbowl party, he named the friends he would invite and oh so graciously let me know I could invite my friends too! My list is pretty short though. And by list I mean two names.  I’ve been pretty emotional about not having more friends that will come by for a play date, go shopping with, or come over for dinner. I don’t think I’ve pushed anyone away, the drive isn’t that far, I think I’m a decent cook, and I always have margaritas on hand! And did I mention that I have an adorable almost year and a half year old?! So what’s the problem? Well, I am currently accepting real life friend requests, so holla at your girl!

As far as Valentine’s Day goes, we don’t have any big plans, and Matt and I really don’t like sending off Roen to Grandma’s or Auntie’s house unless we really need the alone time. So he’s our Valentine too! Since Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurants and movie theaters, we’ll probably barbecue some yummy steaks and light some candles and call it a night, which I am totally okay with. (As long as there is some chocolate covered strawberries and flowers waiting for me. *cough cough Matt!) Plus, with my birthday and our Anniversary next month, he needs to save all the tricks he’s got for then! We decided that each year, we would take turns planning our Anniversary date or trip, and this year it’s the hubby’s turn! Keep an eye out for my next blog, which is a fun and affordable idea for your Valentine.IMG_0324

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