Blogger Rant

I suddenly find myself following a gazillion bloggers on Instagram and now I feel myself getting sucked into the blogger mold. I know I’m nowhere near thousands of readers and my blog is mostly read by family and close friends, but I suddenly feel like my house needs to be all white and modern with fresh flowers on the kitchen table at all times, and I feel like my wardrobe needs a make-over too. What is happening???!!! Me trying to fit in is what’s happening.

First off, who the heck takes all these fashion bloggers pictures? Do they just have professional photographers on standby? I’ve joked with Matt that they must be married to photographers because if photography wasn’t their husbands profession then their photos would be blurry or the background would be all wrong like mine turn out when I tell Matt, “Quick, take a picture, I look cute today!”

And what’s up with the plain decor and “&” signs and simple wall hangings with all white furniture? Sometimes if they’re feeling earthy they throw a succulent arrangement in there, but for the most part, all big bloggers have the same style home decor.

It’s interesting because the bloggers I’ve seen that don’t take pictures of their trendy cut up jeans with nude heels and matching clutch or post a photo with the softest looking white down comforter with their perfect blue eyed baby and themselves fresh face and all in the morning captioning something clever about how they love morning cuddles, well I want to know, is that really real?!

I started this blog as a hobby. I enjoy writing and I enjoy saying what’s on my mind! I also happen to have possibly the coolest kid on the planet and a pretty awesome husband too, so I want to share my experiences with them through this blog. I may not have a cute pair of heels for every outfit, and my decor differs from many other bloggers, my pictures are taken from my iPhone and I never have a perfect backdrop, but what you see here is 100% real!

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