4th Time’s a Charm?

We are officially settled into our new home! This was our fourth move in three years, and while we should be pros on moving day, this was THE worst move ever! Maybe it was because we had just moved two months prior with four days notice to a home I had fully unpacked and decorated to be told by my husband that we were moving again. Or maybe it was because I was in my last week of the semester taking finals and writing papers. Or because I had taken on the responsibility of bottle feeding three abandoned kittens. Maybe it was all of the above, whatever the cause, moving day brought on lots of sweat and tears for this gal.

Now that all the wall hangings are hung and knick knacks carefully placed on tables and shelves, it feels like home. The second day of living here we tackled 3 trashcans worth of dead vines to discover a terrible wall underneath, but as renters, we don’t want to break the bank making the backyard look like paradise, so we are gradually trying to make it more appealing. Eventually I’d like to start my vegetable garden, but for now I have been planting succulents, since I’m still trying to gain my green thumb and they are the only plant I can keep alive! Because it was Matt’s decision for us to move again, he spoiled me by letting me completely change the home decor, so I went on a few shopping sprees to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and some vintage stores. My mom helped me hang some things and I am just loving everything! I took on a few projects and it has been so much fun getting it done with Matt. He’s enjoyed adding some tools to his collection, now that we have a garage again, which we turned into a man cave. Matt scored on a huge free couch and I hung up some paintings to make it feel more homey. Add a TV and playstation and the boys are set! We have been here for three weeks and have already had company over for two barbeques. I am so glad Matt made me pack up again, because we are so happy with our new home. And even though it isn’t ours, it almost feels like it. And better yet, it’s a stepping stone to buying our dream home one day!

I chose to go with a vintage/farmhouse theme throughout our new home, so I am slowly collecting antiques and waiting to do some DIY projects, but here is what I have so far!

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