The case of the two’s

The terrible two’s is a well known phrase in our society. Everybody knows that when a child enters age 2, it is full of tantrums over spilled milk, literally! Except in my case it’s over spilled organic acai juice, ya’ know, the one from Costco! (still nursing over here, and we don’t waste a drop of that gold!) I haven’t been scared or incredibly challenged as a parent since Roens colicky days. Not because I’m an all-knowing kick-butt mama bear (let’s be real here), but because from 3 to 23 months, Roen has been the best son a mom could ask for! But man, once his 2nd birthday came into view, freaking out in the grocery cart because he wants to walk, dropping to the floor crying when a toy isn’t functioning as he likes, and screaming over when he spills water on himself has become the norm. Don’t get me wrong, I still love being around him and he’s still a great kid, but once again I’m feeling totally and completely challenged. I read that you should acknowledge their feelings and never punish them for how they react, and instead, direct their behavior towards a more positive standpoint. So I explain to him why he can’t get another ball at the store because we have 10 at home. I tell him that it’s okay to be upset when the battery on his mini quad dies, but that it’s important to practice patience while it charges. I reassure him we’ll come back to play with the trains at the library another time. And to my surprise, it usually works! Go figure that talking to him like a person helps him understand his emotions better! 😉 And when all else fails, he gets over it eventually on his own. img_2305

As I slowly figure out the stages of being a parent as my son grows, so far I’ve figured out that it’s unfair to punish Roen for his feelings, because he has just started learning how to control them. I’ll make sure he gets his daily nap, because fussiness and tiredness is not a good combo. I’ll continue to reassure him (and myself) that everything is okay! What are your tips to dealing with toddler tantrums?img_2320

On a side note, over the weekend we explored Santa Margarita creek, which requires an easy hike to get there, and we visited Lake San Marcos where my Aunt Nancy lives. Roen loves feeding the ducks and Matt and I enjoyed relaxing on my Aunts’ pontoon! Here’s some pictures from our weekend!IMG_2368.JPG


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