An Open Letter To My Birthday Boy

Twenty-seven! It’s not your golden birthday, dirty thirty, or any other significant age that requires a huge celebration, but twenty-seven is the year I’m really going to learn to love you!

I thought I might have loved you the first night we met. (You know, the first night I count we met, since the real first time just doesn’t make as good as a story since we barely spoke.) Even after a few shots of Captain Morgan (or was it Bacardi?) I still remember you telling me you were going to marry me one day, and how we shared our first kiss.

I knew I loved you about a month after knowing you. I remember sitting in my car parked outside of your house, telling my sister over the phone how I already loved you. She thought it was just a crush. I wanted to tell you so badly but I wanted you to say it first!IMG_4065.JPG

I thought I couldn’t love you any more than I did when you whispered “I love you” for the first time when we were hanging out in your room. My heart skipped a beat, my whole body felt warm and I could feel my cheeks getting red as I thought, did he say what I think he said? What if I misheard him?  That was October 1st, 2016, and I fell even more in love with you.mc12

I thought I couldn’t love you any more on the day I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t nervous to tell you, I knew you’d be excited to start a family with me since we were already talking about our future, but when you stood up and proudly shouted, “I’m gonna be a dad,” I fell in love even more.img_8615

I thought I couldn’t love you any more on the night you asked me to marry you. I had no idea when I walked outside I would be walking down to hundreds of glow sticks spelling out the words I couldn’t wait one more day for with you at the end on one knee. But the feeling that overcame me was something out of a fairy tale. I fell even harder for you.

After all these moments that made me fall in love even more, I knew our wedding day would bring the same. As I guessed, exchanging vows and sharing that first day in front of friends and family as husband and wife made me fall head over heels in love with you. And at the end of that special day, I knew that I loved you so much that I wasn’t even possible of loving you more…


But then our son was born. You were so calm during delivery, you were just what I needed. Instead of the crazy woman in labor I thought I would be (because I watch a lot of movies and the pregnant woman scream a lot), I felt at peace because I had you by my side while you steadily counted my pushes. I fell more in love with you then, and continue to as I watch you be the best daddy our boy could ever wish for.img_8817

So where am I going with this other than to explain to you how you continue to amaze me each day because I fall more in love with you? Well as we have talked about, love is more than an emotion. Love is a choice a couple must make each and every day. And although I am so in love with you in every way emotionally, simply saying and feeling it isn’t enough. You are worth so much more!

Everyday from this day forward I promise to choose to love you. I’ll do this by picking and choosing my battles more wisely, trying my best not to critique your driving, picking up your dirty laundry that lies right outside the hamper without complaining about doing it, happily making two dinners because you don’t liked cooked vegetables, changing the dirty diaper even if I did just change the last one, supporting your dreams and encouraging you to fulfill them, thanking you more often for working so hard so I can be a stay at home mom, waking up early with Roen some mornings so you can sleep in (but this one will take some time because your girl loves her sleep), leaving the past in the past, and being the first one to say I’m sorry. This list goes on, but the point is, I promise to work on the things that cause conflict.

I can’t wait to choose to love you today on your birthday! You are my person and I am so lucky to have you. Thank you for choosing me! Happy birthday soulmate.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8




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