Just another Tuesday

Yesterday was one of Matt’s two days off. Every week I anxiously wait for Monday and Tuesday to roll around again because Roen and I get to spend every minute with Matt, which we love since he works 9:30am to 10pm on his days at the pizza shop. We rarely eat dinner at home on his days off because we have gotten in the habit of eating out, but we are really trying to save for the next chapter in our lives so we are working on eating in more often! Yesterday Matt and Roen let me sleep in till 10! When I finally got out of bed Matt and I watched The Bachelor while Roen played. I love that Matt watches it with me and enjoys it because we try and guess who will win and get pretty competitive with our picks. (Last year Matt won…) He also makes me realize how cheesy and edited the show is and has some pretty funny side comments.

Somehow the day escaped us and it was dinner time. I made my go to meal, chicken crescent rolls, and then some delicious cookies for dessert! One thing I can’t give up is sweets, but I found an organic cookie mix made by the Annie’s brand and they were so yummy! Matt’s mom got us a 5 person tent for Christmas (ya’ know, for all the camping I say we’ll do one day) and Matt was eager to set it up, so we decided we would camp in our living room! After a little bit of frustration, Matt and I got the tent set up and we made a huge bed for us to sleep in. I put on Homeward Bound for us to watch before bed, and to my surprise, Roen LOVED it! It always makes me especially happy when Roen loves movies I loved as a kid.

And that was our Tuesday! Just another fun day with my two favorite people.We can’t wait to go camping for real!img_4342img_4350img_4351img_4352

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