Keeping Kids Healthy

Germs, they’re everywhere, and from the moment women give birth, many parents start worrying about all the germs people carry. I was no different. I had hand sanitizer (before I knew how bad it was) sitting on the table for guests to use who came to visit Roen in his first few weeks of life.  I was so nervous to bring him out in public to be exposed to all the airborne germs. While I don’t recommend anyone exposing their newborns to a bunch of germs, once they get a little older, germs aren’t bad. They’re actually, well, good!

I don’t bathe Roen every day and I rarely use body wash on him when I do. Our bodies are much cleaner than we think, and frequent showers or baths washes away the good bacteria that forms on our skin which protects us from sickness. It’s also important to look at the body washes and shampoos in your house. Many common brands are full of carcinogens and other yucky stuff.

Furthermore, getting germs from others builds up our immune systems to fight off sickness and disease later on. In fact, the more viruses or colds our children get as youngsters, the stronger their immune systems become, which will lead to less sickness later on in life.

So now that you have a little more insight on germs, let’s move on to what else is good to keep our kiddos healthy.

Diet. What our kids eat as toddlers sets them up for how they’ll eat later on in life, plus it fuels them to run around. Don’t stress if they push away the broccoli now, but don’t give up on offering it either. Roen’s second food was carrots, but as he got older, he refused them, among other foods. Now he eats them as snacks! I had stopped buying them for months and randomly bought them again and as soon as Matt cut them into smaller slices, Roen started snacking away. You can also try adding seasoning or even a pinch of salt. It’s better then them not eating veggies at all. I also can’t stress enough how important it is to buy organic produce. I know it’s pricier, but it’s worth your child’s health, especially if you have no problem spending five bucks on a cup coffee. A trick to not spend too much at the grocery store is to buy fruit that is in season, which typically means it’s cheaper. I have a recipe section where I’m slowly adding my go-to dinner meals and they’re always Roen approved. So if you need some ideas, check it out!

I won’t make this list long, because I think most already know what I’ve already said, but here’s what you may not know: Elderberry syrup is MAGICAL!
Whenever Roen starts getting a runny nose after hanging around other kids in the church nursery, I give him a spoonful of elderberry syrup and BAM, any sign of sickness disappears. I also start giving it to him every other day in the winter time to boost up his immune system. Did I mention it’s completely natural? In addition to elderberry syrup, we always have colloidal silver on hand (also natural).
We use the spray kind and basically it’s a natural antibiotic and can be effective at preventing the flu and cold. It can also be useful in pregnancy with the baby’s growth. It’s even been used to treat Lyme disease, bronchitis, eczema, pneumonia, and many viruses and infections! And because Roen is vaccine free (and we’re proud of it), building up his immune system  naturally is incredibly important to Matt and I. Essential oils are another product our family loves. I use a brand called Plant Therapy, which is affordable, contains no additives, they have a kidsafe line, and I really love them for keeping my family healthy. Roen had eczema and I used one of their synergy blends and after 2 days of use, Roen’s eczema was healed and it hasn’t come back since. That was over a year ago. I use frankincense oil on my stomach for severe cramps and it really does the trick. 

Finally, a natural multivitamin for kids without preservatives, dyes, etc. is great for their growth and immune system. We just started using the smarty pants brand and Roen loves the taste, and I love the ingredients!

These are products I believe in and have worked for my family. Please read the labels and the recommended dosage before use. I had pictures of each product I use, but deleted them before posting after remembering that just because they’re on google doesn’t mean it’s not copywriting when others use them. I’ll try to take pictures of the products later and post them ASAP, but I’m currently bundled up under a blanket because my house is FREEZING! I found this site really helpful if you want to know more about copywright engringement- bloggers beware

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