In Between

It’s just been one of those months. I have had very little motivation to write lately, and even less inspiration. You see, we’re at this awkward in between phase of our lives, and everything is a waiting game. Our family is gearing up for so much this year! We know we want to make Roen a big brother soon, we’re incredibly close to having the necessary amount saved to start our food truck, we’re figuring out how long we will stay in California, how to potty train Roen, and starting to think about preschool (which we will do at home.) I am doing my best not to stress about the what ifs in life, but man is it easy to do! With only a couple of months left of school, I am finally starting to see the light at the end. Then again, the end of that tunnel also has a lot of responsibility that begins when Matt and I begin running a food truck , and there are still a handful of question marks. Mostly the what ifs again. What if we get denied by the health department, what if the food truck we buy has problems, what if we can’t get the gigs we want, what if we don’t profit for months, WHAT IF?!!! But wait, I’ve been here before. I’ve been here at every stage of my life and, well, it all turned out better than okay!

So anyways, that’s where my head is at. Roen is talking SO much, Matt shaved his beard, and me, I’m just getting through school with a toddler in my ear waiting for this weird phase of life to pass.

The best is yet to come!

I have been seriously slacking on taking pictures, so here are the latest from this week: me trying this whole not wearing a bra in public thing (never again) and Roen blocking out my voice with his fingers in his ears!



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