Toddler Time

We had beautiful weather here in San Diego during the week, then got a storm yesterday followed grey skies today. I try to get Roen out of the house as much as possible, because we both go crazy staying home all day. Sometimes even going to the grocery store for one item (which never actually turns out to be 1) does the trick, or visiting Matt at work. Whenever I’m not too overwhelmed with schoolwork or cleaning, Roen and I go on a walk. The best part about where we live is how close it is to everything. A ten minute stroll brings us to lunch spots, frozen yogurt, the library, 2 art museums, a rock museum, and some shopping. However, being stuck inside from the rain always presents a problem: What the heck do I do to keep us busy? We are always working on cutting down TV time, so we’ll color together, put stickers on paper, read, play with Roen’s toys, he has a matching game he loves to do, but it only keeps us busy for a short amount of time. It makes me wonder what people in even colder areas do when the weather isn’t so nice for going out. I had an old bed sheet that Roen and I drew on with paint, but it’s all filled up now. I guess that means I need another. Its times like these where I wish I was more creative, and maybe a little less lazy too!

Roen has been cracking me up with the things he says. It amazes me how many words he knows, even though he still looks so little to me. Here are a few of his latest phrases:

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“You feel better mommy?”

“Can we go to store to buy toys?”

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