Beanie Weather

Well the weather has been pretty back and fourth here in San Diego. Roen and I spent a lot of the week outside in the sun planting succulents (since that’s the only plant I can keep alive) and really enjoyed soaking up some natural Vitamin D. We used to eat breakfast outside all of the time at our old house when Roen was still a baby, and even though our yard isn’t nearly as pretty now, starting our mornings by sharing a bagel and fruit and a cup of OJ reminds me of when I was still spoon feeding my little chubby cheeked baby outside, listening to Disney songs. The good ol’ days. The days when Roen couldn’t tell me ‘no’ and didn’t dump his toys all over the floor right after I clean them up… Today the sun is gone and we’re expecting rain today and tomorrow. I’m not a fan of the cold by any means, but it is an excuse to wear my new beanie! I love the cream color because it matches with almost anything, but they have other colors as well. The best part about these beanies, and what sets them apart from others in my opinion is that it has a thicker area at the bottom, keeping your ears warm while also securing it better, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing off in the wind!

Order yours here!

#alaskastyle #cachealaska

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