Baby Number Two!

Yes, it’s true, we are pregnant with baby number two!

Where do I even begin? Well compared to my pregnancy with Roen, this one has been much harder. I have been SO exhausted, even with a full night’s rest. I can barely get through the day without a nap and I’m ready for bed around 9pm. I was very lazy in the beginning because I spent a lot of the day on the couch doing homework from my computer. Now that the weather is a bit nicer I have been trying to get outside more, but my last semester of school doesn’t allow me to spend too much time away from my laptop. I have had mega food aversions like I’ve never had before, but it’s mostly over my own food! Having to prepare raw meat is about the worst thing ever and for about 3 weeks I just didn’t really cook because I couldn’t even stand the smell of cooking food. I even got nauseous when I heard people on the radio talking about bacon. I survived off of kale and fruit smoothies for the worst 2 weeks of my aversions, and lots of bread and pasta. Seriously, pasta and bagels were the only things that sounded good for awhile. At around 10 weeks it got a lot better though, but I still continue to be a bit picky about certain foods even now. I haven’t thrown up though, so I am super thankful for that. IMG_5217.JPG

We waited a lot longer to tell family and close friends this time because we originally talked about announcing it at 13 weeks when we got an early gender ultrasound. We thought it would be extra exciting to announce we were pregnant AND the gender as one big surprise. However we ditched that plan around 9 weeks and started preparing to tell everyone. Because of Matt’s schedule, it was really hard to be together to tell everyone. When Roen and I went to visit some relatives along with my mom, HE spilled the beans! He pointed to his belly and said “baby” and my mom asked him, “where’s the baby?” Then he proceeded to say with such excitement, “in Mommy’s belly!” as he pointed to me across the room. I looked over at my mom and saw the excitement on her face at the possibility, since she knew we were trying, and I scrammed for how to explain Roen’s accusation. As I felt my face turn bright red I managed to stutter words like, “well we’re hoping to make a baby in mommy’s belly,” which I realized didn’t really make any sense and before I could say another word Roen said it again, a little bit louder this time, “yeah, there’s a baby in mommy’s belly!” So I came out and said, “Well, I’m pregnant!” Matt was bummed he couldn’t be there and I was bummed I couldn’t tell my family as planned, but I can’t help but adore Roen for his excitement (and good memory/smartness) over his ability to share that he was going to be a big brother.

We can’t wait to find out the gender! Roen usually says he wants a little brother, but every now and then he says he wants a sister.

IMG_4403 (1).JPG
Knowing I couldn’t keep it a secret for long, as soon as I took the test I typed up an “eviction notice” and put Roen in his crib. We called Matt in and after reading the note, he figured out he was going to be a dad to 2! I like to joke that Roen is calling his lawyer in this picture.

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