It’s a boy!

If you would’ve asked me what I wanted up until 2 weeks ago, I would’ve said boy with a list of reasons why. I was so set on having another son. It’s what I know, I think they’re easier, inexpensive compared to girls, and the bond between a mom and son is incomparable to anything else. But for some reason, when I saw the second ultrasound pictures of the little baby growing inside of me, I had this strong feeling it was a girl. So I tried preparing myself for a little princess! When my mother in law brought over baby girl clothes, it made me super excited to dress her up in all the tiny girly clothes. I was getting myself ready for have a daughter because I didn’t want to be disappointed, for lack of a better word, but man did that plan backfire!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

For 3 days, the ultrasound picture revealing the gender was sealed in an envelope to remain a mystery to everyone, including Matt and I. So today when Matt hit the golf ball and it exploded into a blue cloud, I was so shocked, and a little overwhelmed. A lot of my family thought it was a girl, so we were all very surprised, while Matt did a victory dance! The mentally preparing I had done for the past 2 weeks actually made me prefer a girl!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I’ve been a little more stressed and emotional this past week than I’d like to admit, and I haven’t been as jolly as I think people expect me to be. But now that the news is settling in, I can happily report that we are overjoyed to welcome another boy! Instead of buying cute baby dresses, I can just buy some for myself! And Roen is going to be the best big brother to his little bro. I can’t wait to meet our little man in September! 

I am a boy mom and proud of it!



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