When One Door Closes

My last blog post I talked about a lot of exciting things to come in our lives, and a lot of uncertainty as well. We decided a couple months ago that we would wait to start the food truck until we move out of California. However, Matt wanted to save more money, so he proposed a plan to work on his 2 days off by catering pizza on a smaller scale, without the truck. This guy, whose worked 9:30am until 10pm for the past three years wanted to add more to his plate to make sure we have more than enough as we grow into a family of four! I am blessed by him. So with his drive to work more we started looking into everything we needed to become a mobile food vendor, and man, it is not black and white. It seemed like there were so many different licenses and permits we would need, adding sales tax in accordance with each city, filing taxes quarterly, etc. and none of the information we needed was in the same place. Just when we thought we finally had a grip on what we needed to be a legally operating mobile food business, someone told us something different. Right when we were questioning if the business was worth starting on the side, Matt was informed that he would be out of a job in 10 days because the restaurant he worked at was closing at the end of the month. We both felt a sense of relief because we knew it would force us to start the next adventure in our lives, but it also caused us a lot of panic and stress. I trusted that God would provide and knew that Matt would figure out a plan, but we both wondered, (still wonder) if it was a sign from God to finally start our own business, since we have prayed about starting a food truck for 2 years. We prayed a lot about what it meant, if it meant anything, or if it was just a part of life, another statistic of someone losing their job. After a few different job offers came in, Matt decided that getting his foot in the door for food vending would prepare us for the food truck when the time comes, while also providing for us for the next year or so.

I have to admit, the jobs Matt was offered would provide us more security than being small business owners. It would allow us to possibly be able to afford health insurance and helps us start a retirement account. It would allow Matt to learn a new trade. But despite all of the stability him taking one of those jobs might bring me, the what if we didn’t do what made Matt happy, being his own boss, setting his own schedule, being able to meet new people all the time, possibly making more money and opening the door to a larger scale, would kill the both of us, and my hardworking hubby deserves to at least give a shot at being a business owner.

So with that said, we are excited to announce that Fatty Matty’s Mobile Pizza & Catering is open for business! We will be serving 9 inch personal New York style pizzas made fresh to order!  Fatty Matty’s will also be ready to start scheduling events in about a week and we are so anxious!!! We will stay in Fallbrook to start, working with some bars and breweries as well as Pop Warner, and hopefully this is the beginning of an exciting new chapter! We hope to see some familiar faces out there!


One Reply to “When One Door Closes”

  1. What a bitter sweet and exciting time! Congrats to being business owners! We are in the same boat right now and it’s intense!


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