6 Months Pregnant

At 6 months pregnant I feel like time is only speeding up! I get more and more anxious each day to meet this strong boy inside me and watch Roen become a big brother. Roen has felt his brother kick when he puts his hand on my stomach and seems to somewhat understand that his little bro is growing in my belly until he’s strong enough and big enough to come out and be loved by us. Matt also enjoys feeling baby boy kick and is shocked when he feels the hard ones. We never felt Roen kick too crazy or often when he was in the womb, so this experience is very different in that sense. Sometimes this little man kicks so hard I yelp in pain! I also felt him kick 2 weeks sooner than I did with Ro.

I feel much more nervous this time around anticipating labor and delivery because my labor with Roen was so long and painful! Although I am even more crunchy than I was when I gave birth to Roen and would LOVE to have a water birth, with my family history of huge babies and long labor, along with my own experience of 3 days of intense contractions, I have decided that it’s absolutely worth it for me to get an epidural again. I will however hold strong to saying no to pitocin, as I did last time, no to the ineffective antibiotic eye ointment, will opt for the oral vitamin K rather than the vitamin K shot filled with chemicals, and of course, I will also not allow the hep B vaccine, which I can’t even begin to understand why that is routinely administered in a healthy baby with no parental history of hepatitis. But I’ll save that for a different conversation… The hospital I chose emphasizes delayed cord clamping, which has a handful of benefits, as well as encouraging skin to skin contact between baby, mom and dad. I’m also excited because they offer chocolate covered strawberries after birth!

I bought a hospital bag and I am extremely anxious to start filling it, but I still have about 4 months so I will be patient and wait… maybe one more month. I also am on the hunt for the perfect newborn outfit! Roen’s onesie I brought for him didn’t fit, so I want to be more prepared this time!

September 24th (or around then), I can’t wait for you!

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