The Napier’s Try Camping

Another blog that was held captive in my drafts, better late than never!

Matt, Roen and I had our first camping trip over the weekend. After being incredibly sick a few weeks ago when we had originally planned to go, we rescheduled our trip and forgot about it until the night before. I think Matt and I both underestimated how much planning and prep needs to go into camping, especially when tent camping rather than in an RV or trailer. We also double booked our day with activities, so after attending a birthday party, we still had to grab ice, drinks, firewood, and figure out how and what we were cooking for dinner. On our way to the campgrounds with 30 miles to go, I passed a Walmart and an Albertsons, insisting that there would be something closer on the way. Well, there wasn’t. After driving an extra 9 miles following our GPS, we had to turn around and ask for help finding our camp. When we finally arrived, we set up our tent and realized that we had forgotten chairs too… and with nothing to eat but junk food, we headed back out and found a small market with overpriced ice, wood, lighter fluid, drinks, etc. and a restaurant that we decided we would eat dinner at. We had a nice little feast at the cutest country style restaurant and headed back to camp for s’mores. It was during our campfire that we realized camping wasn’t so bad, as we enjoyed the sky lit up by stars and no cell service. Once we headed into the tent, we made shadow puppets with flashlights and fell asleep to the sound of animals scurrying around outside, which was a bit freaky. I woke up around 6am to a very cold morning and the sounds of birds and wild turkeys. After a short time wandering around, we headed home.

We learned our lesson and will triple check that we have everything next time, and plan to spend more time exploring the great outdoors, but for our first family camping trip, it was a short and sweet experience with my two favorite boys!

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