On Your Third Birthday


You are three years old today! I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by. I remember the days leading up to your birth so vividly. I remember loving the feeling of you moving around in my belly, even though it wasn’t often! I remember the tiny thumps felt when you had hiccups in the womb. I remember getting so anxious as I folded the tiny baby outfits you would soon be dressed in. I remember the 3 days of contractions feeling like an eternity because I just wanted you in my arms already! And when you were finally born at 1:13 in the afternoon, weighing 8 pounds, 3 ounces, I couldn’t believe you were mine! You were so delicate to me and I worried that even the smallest tasks, like putting you in clothes or changing your diaper might hurt your little body. When we came home from the hospital, I didn’t know what to do. I was so clueless as a new parent and no app or parenting book could’ve prepared me for the huge responsibility the title “mom” brings. But each day I learned more. More about my abilities as a parent and more about the miracle of life as I watched you grow into a toddler. Seeing you develop into the boy you are has been the greatest blessing. From being able to hold your head up and roll over to walking, and now talking in sentences! I’m so amazed by you. You make your dad and I laugh several times a day with your many phrases and shock us by how much you know! You can count objects up to 20, say your ABCs, sing different songs with the cutest voice, and have an impressive vocabulary! You make me so proud to call you my son, and I pray every day that I do right by you. I pray that you always have good health, that you grow up to have faith in the Lord, that you’ll inherit your dads math skills and my English skills, and that you’ll always be kind to others. You’ll become a big brother in less than 2 months time, and while I am so excited to see you in that role, I also feel like you deserve all of the attention. I hate the thought that you might feel left out for even a second when a newborn takes up much of my time. But you already have so much love for your brother! You’re constantly saying to me, “let’s feel that belly” and it is the sweetest thing. You love feeling your baby brother kick and enjoy hearing his heartbeat at doctors visits. I know we will all adapt as a family of four, and I can only imagine the love that will grow in my heart to give to both of my boys as it did when you were born. I can’t wait for more of the many milestones of your life! Thank you for being you! Loving, kind, hilarious, and so full of personality! Happiest of birthdays my handsome three year old! 

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