Bath Time with Nuby

I don’t know who loves opening packages more, Roen or myself. But seeing his face light up when he opened our box from Nuby brought me so much joy to see! I wanted to get him some new bath toys, since he really doesn’t have much, so I chose Nuby’s bath crayons, a submarine toy, and foam letters and numbers for him to test out!

The first thing he pulled out of the box was the Little Submarine. It blows my mind that my little baby can say big words like ‘submarine’ now! He immediately knew to pull the string and we explained to him how it would move across the water, so he demanded a bath! He loved pulling the string and watching it move across the water over and over. After playing with everything in the bath, he asked if he could sleep with the submarine. I of course let him! This toy is suitable for ages 6 months and up, is BPA free, and easy for little baby hands or 3 year old hands! The string is easy to pull as well.  It was hard to snap a picture because he didn’t want to stop playing with it!

The next thing we opened was the Bath Crayons. We’ve had gel crayons before and they only lasted through 2 baths before they were emptied out. They were nearly impossible to write with and looked like a big glob more than anything. But the Nuby Bath Crayons are much different. They actually write just like a crayon, but instead of paper, the entire bathtub became our canvas! It comes with 5 colors and the crayon is thick enough for Roen to easily scribble with. The colors were all noticeable as well! A plastic holder fits around the crayon, and whenever we need more, we just push it up! Although it seems like they’ll last us awhile! It was fun being able to get creative with Roen and draw and identify shapes together with the crayons. Plus, they wash off easily.


Both the Little Submarine and the Bath Crayons can be purchased online here 

The last bath toy I ordered was the Bath Letters and Numbers. Perfect for teaching our little ones at 18 months+, the foam letters and numbers stick to the bathtub wall. Since Roen just turned 3, I wanted to get him started with being able to identify numbers and letters, so this was the perfect way! Plus, it makes bathtime feel more productive for me, since I usually just sit there while Roen splashes around for at least 20 minutes. Not only does it serve as a fun learning toy, but it also makes me happy because its BPA and phthalate free, all things that are very important to this crunchy mama! Plus, it will make my relatives, who are all teachers, very happy to see an educational toy!

The Bath Letters and Numbers are super inexpensive, and you can find them here

Disclosure: I received all items for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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