It’s Baby Month!

Today I am 37 weeks. Just 3 weeks to go until I am full term! Each day is so exciting, knowing I am getting closer and closer to meeting my baby boy! I picture the first contraction, then the second and the third, making sure they’re the real deal. Some days I feel so ready, so anxious to hold him and experience all the emotions of labor and meeting your child for the first time, while also feeling like the sooner I have him the less it will hurt. Other days I think, how can I handle a newborn when my 3 year old is driving me bananas! I try to be patient through my sore ribs and achy feet. Sleep is getting harder to come by due to lots of tossing and turning and frequent bathroom trips keeping me up. But I am soaking in every kick, shoulder and knee that pokes me, and every hiccup. I try to pause often to reflect on the miracle my body has gone through the past few months, and then trusting my body to have a natural water birth. I worry that I don’t have enough pictures of this belly, my last baby bump ever! And every time I start recording the kicks and movements from the outside, they stop! Each day is a struggle to find clothes that fit, and I blame the lack of pictures on that. Then of course, the thought that crosses my mind every day is if I’ve prepared Roen enough. I worry that he will feel left out and sad when a newborn takes up all of my time. I wonder how long it will take for him to adjust to such a big change. I wonder how long it will take all 3 of us to adjust! I’ve had such a strong feeling that this baby is going to come before his due date. Each time I feel any type of pain in my stomach, I wonder if today is that day. I love reading other womens birth stories, and watching water birth videos. I can only hope I am as calm and focused as the women I’ve seen. I really don’t want to be screaming. I don’t picture it that way, but birth never goes quite as we picture. Life is about to change so much for this family of 3. It will be full of challenges and triumphs, little sleep and lots of smiles. I’m so excited to complete our family with 2 sons! 

One Reply to “It’s Baby Month!”

  1. We aren’t quite ready for number two yet, but I already wonder what that transition will be like. I look forward to hearing about your experience!

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