My Favorite Baby Carrier

All baby carriers are not the same. I learned this the hard way when I opted for a $20 Walmart carrier when Roen was born. It killed my back after 5 minutes of use. I was so bummed that I didn’t have the baby carrying experience I dreamed of with him, since Matt took on the baby wearing so that I didn’t have to suffer through the pain. 

I strongly believe that keeping your infant close is extremely important for their well-being, as well as the moms. It provides them comfort in a strange new world. I often think about how scary and uncomfortable it must be for a baby to leave the comfort of the womb, where they’ve known life for 9 months along with the same lighting and familiar sounds day after day. No wonder they cry so much once they’re out! It must be so overwhelming to hear so many new sounds, go from darkness to bright lights with the flip of a switch, and be away from the body they just grew in. Someone told me that infants don’t realize that they’re no longer part of their mother, so they get confused and panicked when the mom is not close. That just breaks my heart, which is why I was determined to find the best baby carrier out there. I tried about 6 in total. So when I FINALLY discovered Happy Baby, I was hesitant, but excited to see if I had finally found the perfect carrier to keep my angel close. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and am so happy I chose the Marigold color, since I normally go with neutral shades. They have a lot of colors to choose from and they’re all extremely stylish! The fabric is unique to any baby carrier I’ve tried, in a good way. It’s comfortable and lightweight! It didn’t take long to figure out how to wear it, and the instructions were extremely clear. I wore Gryffin around the house and didn’t have a sore back! Not only that, but he fell asleep within a minute of being in the carrier. The next day, I put it through the real test to see if it was comfortable. I took the single stroller to push Roen and put Gryff in the Happy Baby carrier and went for a 2 hour walk. I stopped along the way to nurse and didn’t have to take him out of the carrier to do so! I just loosened the straps on each side, super easy to do, and it lowered him down so that he could latch on. The sun cover, which is conveniently located in a front zipper of the baby carrier, also worked as a great nursing cover! With any other baby carrier, I probably would’ve turned around sooner to go home because of back pain, but I didn’t need to with this one! There was no pain in my shoulders or back. It’s been 3 days since we received our Happy Baby carrier, and we’ve used it everyday, multiple times a day! It has been a lifesaver when Gryffin gets fussy and goes through his witching hour every night. And it’s a lifesaver for anywhere we go. Matt and I argued over who got to where him at the beach yesterday. If it were any other carrier, I’d be telling him to wear the baby! 

This item should be on the Christmas wish list of every parent with a baby! 

Shop Happy Baby Wraps here and be sure to follow them on Instagram
Disclaimer: This product was received in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

3 Replies to “My Favorite Baby Carrier”

  1. Thanks for your review!

    I’m pregnant with my second and i already own the Moby wrap and the Lilliebaby, but i was looking for something that’s super quick to put on for quick errands or the park. Do you think it’s supportive enough to chase around a toddler in it?


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