The Ultimate Shopping Hack for Parents 

I always wondered how people with more than 1 kid grocery shopped before I became a mother of 2. Shopping with just Roen was hard enough when he was an infant because his car seat took up so much space in the cart, and my baby carrier at the time killed my back. I almost always had groceries piled and stacked around his seat. Now with two kids, I thought I would never be able to shop with both of them without Matt by my side to help. The older child sits in the designated cart seat and then what about the baby? The car seat takes up way too much space, and putting on a baby carrier for every single store just seems like a lot of work. So when I found out about the shopping cart hammock by Binxy Baby, I was thrilled to find something that would be convenient to hold the newest member of the family while still allowing Roen to sit in the built in seat of shopping carts. The first time we used our shopping cart hammock was at a trip to Costco. We got SO many stares and comments on our newest device. We heard every type of comment from, “I wish they had those when our kids were little” to “I wish that came in my size!” And if you’re a Costco member like us, you know that it’s impossible to go in for just one or two items. We always fill our cart, so there’s definitely no room for a car seat crowding the cart, and since Gryff can’t sit up he can’t be up front on the cart seat with his brother for a couple more months. That’s why having a hammock that straps on to the top of the cart is genious because you can still put groceries underneath it! Aside from the convenience, I loved having our handsome baby on display for everyone to see! Because what mom doesn’t love to hear how cute her baby is? Gryffin loved it too because he was able to see everything around him, and trust me when I say he is the most observant baby I’ve met, so having no distortions in his view makes him a happy camper. But it gets better! When he’s taking a snooze after a car ride, I don’t have to unstrap him from his car seat and risk waking him, because the car seat fits in the hammock with a safety strap to secure it in! It’s a double win and the best invention for shopping with a baby that I’ve seen.

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Disclosure: I received this product for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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