My Last Week of Pregnancy (maybe)

39 Weeks pregnant! For some reason, I had it made up in my mind that I wouldn’t reach 39 weeks because I thought the baby would come early. Other than a feeling, I had nothing to go on with this idea, especially since Roen was 4 days late! Now as I get closer to my due date, I wonder if this baby will come late. The thought of being pregnant for potentially another 3 weeks, which is a possibility since my midwives will let me go till 42 weeks, is killing me! The frequent trips to the bathroom, the achy ribs and swollen feet, back aches, fatigue, and raging hormones are really starting to wear me down. But then I think of how much a newborn is going to rock our world! I worry about Roen feeling left out and less important once his brother arrives, so a couple more weeks would benefit him. I think I also underestimate how hard a newborn and a 3 year old will be, and will be wishing I had just one more week before the chaos once he’s here. And of course, as my last pregnancy, I know how much I’m going to miss being pregnant.

This week I have been trying to focus on a lot of quality time with Matt and Roen. Matt and I had a few hours alone together yesterday for some lunch, a car wash, and got our first pedicure! Then I took a bath in the tub with jets at my moms house. It was my first bath alone in probably 2 years and was some much needed me time! Today Roen and I are going on a date while daddy golfs! We’re going to get him a toy, check out some new library books, have a picnic and some myrtle berry pie at my favorite spot in town, then the park! Wednesday I have a prenatal massage scheduled, which hopefully will help get labor going with different pressure points! Matt kept his work schedule pretty light this week, and we made sure to keep the 23rd open because I would love for the baby to come on my dads birthday! We’ll probably head to our favorite Thai place, where I

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