Baby-Led Weaning

If you’re a mom, you may have seen others talking about BLW when they talk about what they feed their babies. I always wondered what it was, but never cared much to look into it when Roen was a baby. My pediatrician did us a disservice by telling me I could start rice cereal with Roen at 4 months old. I waited till 5 months, but now I look back and know that was one of my mistakes I did as a new mom. The reason many doctors and experts state 6 months as the age to start introducing foods to a baby, is because anytime before that, a baby’s gut hasn’t developed and lacks the necessary enzymes to break food down. Therefore, starting solids early can damage the gut flora resulting in many consequences from obesity, diabetes, constipation, and food allergies. Roen struggled with constipation for over two years before we got in under control. So when Gryffin came into the world, I wanted to get it right. I started researching the benefits of BLW (baby-led weaning) and decided that it was a great way to start a baby on solids. To put it quite simply, BLW is offering soft foods, not purées, that are easy for a baby to pick up themselves and can mash easily. It ensures that a baby isn’t overeating, and miraculously enough, babies tend to eat the foods with the necessities their bodies need. Babies who do BLW are also less likely to be picky eaters later on in life. My favorite part perhaps is that I don’t have to spoon feed Gryffin. He’s able to feed himself while I’m able to eat my food. If you’d like to look into it more for yourself, I recommend this article Baby-led weaning! As the article points out, one of the disadvantages is that it can get messy. Once Gryffin has had enough, he’ll throw everything on the floor. It was also hard at restaurants because I didn’t have his normal high chair with the tray, and I hated putting food into the restaurant table for him to eat off of. If I used a plate, he’d eventually throw it. After shopping around, I chose to go with the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate by Nuby! I love Nuby’s products, so it was no surprise that they had just what I needed! This plate and placemat all in one sticks to the table so that it doesn’t go flying in he air. I no longer have to worry about the cleaner restaurants are using to wipe down the table, because the food no longer goes on the table! The nonslip base sticks to flat surfaces. Since it is made of silicone, it’s extremely easy to clean, and the integrated sections allows me to put the different food groups in their own compartment on the plate. There are a lot of cute shapes to choose from. The elephant shape is my favorite and is linked Here through Walmart and Here through Amazon!

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.

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