How to Survive a Teething Baby

They say that an adult wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of teething that all babies experience without some heavy medication. The thought of that makes me so sad for my sweet Gryffin, and every other baby. My bottom wisdom tooth just broke through, and I joked with my husband that I rather go through labor than experience that pain. Roen never seemed to be in too much pain over teething, however, but I always had teething tablets on hand as needed, and he wore his amber teething necklace nearly everyday. Gryffin on the other hand has had it rough with teething. He gets fussy, has trouble falling asleep, drools non-stop, gnaws on anything and everything to attempt at soothing his sore gums, and comfort nurses quite often during teething times. The same teething necklace I used on Roen seems to have little effect on Gryff. That’s why I’m so thankful for Nuby’s Chamomile Soothing Teething tablets. It’s free of belladonna and benzocaine and comes with 140 tablets. It works by helping relax and soothe a baby’s discomfort associated by teething, and I really do believe in their ability to help my sweet boy. The best part is, they’re naturally derived, which of course is what I look for in everything I buy. They are available at Walmart and Target, and it’s a necessity for every teething baby.

In addition to the teething tablets, after Gryffin drew blood when he was using my knuckles as a chew toy, I loaded up with some teething toys. His absolute favorite was Nuby’s Nananubs Massager. I say was, because like most babies, he likes to throw stuff, and lost it while we were shopping at Ross! It’s such a cute toy, and really helped Gryff, so Amazon is sending me another one so it can continue to help him. The soft silicone helps soothe gums, while the bristles provide a gentle cleaning! He loves being independent and holding it himself, but every now and then I’d use it myself to rub his gums, and it prepares him for brushing his teeth in a few months, which sometimes can be hard to do as I found out with Roen. It also helps assist the breakthrough of new teeth because of its massaging capabilities! You can find the Nananubs Massager here! Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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