*Note, this post was written in July. We celebrated Roen’s birthday but I never published this, so here it is a few months later.

We’re less than a month away from Roen turning 4, and I look back and wonder how the heck that happened! When did my chubby cheek baby grow into a smart, polite, and hilarious little boy?! I’ve had an email made for him for about 2 years now or so, where I send him pictures, videos, and little journals to tell him what he’s like now! When he’s older, he can have the email and password to look through it. I’m not sure how sentimental he will be, and I feel like as a boy he might care less than a girl might, but judging by how sentimental Matt is with old junk.. err I mean belongings, Roen will love walking down memory lane. I also have a note in my phone to jot down all the silly and funny things Roen says. I am so in awe of my quirky almost 4 year old!

As many of you know, we have an incredible partnership with Nuby. I was excited to collaborate with them in time for Gryffin’s arrival, but the joy on Roen’s face when something in the package is for him is so fun to see! So I make sure now that every order has something for him. This time around, one of the things I got for him was a new water bottle. He’s received two from Nuby so far and obsesses over them. If one gets lost, he’s not a happy camper. Nuby is always coming out with new designs, and Nuby Kids Flip-It Active is by far our favorite! This bottle has a cap to cover the straw, and Roen has fun opening and closing it with the push of a button. Since he’s inherited my clumsiness, I’m quite happy that the bottle is made of durable tritan plastic and BPA free, as always! Add it to your Amazon cart here today.

*Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are my own.

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