We love Nuby

Who knew kids would get so excited about new cups! We are so thrilled to continue this partnership with Nuby because since the kids bring their sippy/water cups everywhere with them, they tend to get misplaced a lot, so it’s nice to have a little stash of them. Not only is a supply awesome to have, but Nuby products just keep getting better and better. They really think of every problem that might arise with their cups, and ways to make them more fun. This time around, we got Roen the Thirsty Kids Flip-It Water Canteen, which is perfect for on the go! He brings it to school with him, to the park, and even on car rides. I’m so glad he enjoys staying hydrated! As always, the cup is BPA free, and not only does the hygienic cover keep the straw clean, but it keeps it from spilling out when it’s closed! So this mama has less mess! The material is also tough enough for him to throw it across the living room. Trust me, he’s tested it! You can grab your own at Walmart!

Gryffin also got a new cup, and I thought it would be fun to switch it up with Nuby’s light up 360 Wonder Cup! Yes, you read that right! It’s a light up sippy cup! The double wall insulation keeps his water colder longer, even on the warm days, and he loves sipping it! He tries to be like Matt and I, so he wants to drink out of a normal cup, but this is the closest design that allows him to tilt it up without making a mess! It has a hygienic cover that keeps anything from getting in, while allowing him to get his drink out without having to work for it! This awesome sippy cup is also available now at Walmart!

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